Services — The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tomsk


1. On account of entry and membership fees all members of Chamber get a range of services such as :

  • Provision of reference material concerning the activities of the Chamber.
  • Distribution of existing promotional materials about products and services to members of the Chamber.
  • Participation in organized by the Chamber of business meeting, negotiations with the representatives of foreign delegations and companies, representatives of enterprises form other regions.
  • Posting of information about members of Tomsk CCI in the register of members of Chamber of commerce and industry
  • Distribution of business, commercial information among enterprises – member of Tomsk CCI, coming from other regional Chambers and regions of Russia.
  • Provision of letters of recommendation to the members of CCI.
  • Placing brief information about the members of CCI.
  • Providing the opportunity to use existing information assets.
  • Participation in organized by the chamber of seminars, lectures on marketing, management, external economic and other issues.


2. Information services.

  • Collection of information and maintenance of a database on  organizations –members of the Chamber.
  • Introduction to database on the proposal of the foreign firms created by the Chamber.
  • Providing information on exhibitions and fairs held in Tomsk and Tomsk region in the Russian Federation and abroad.
  • Press conferences, briefings and other information formats.
  • Assistance in organizing and conducting presentations, anniversaries of the enterprises and community leaders, taking into account the protocol requirements with leading creative forces of the region and country.


3. Center of development of business.

  • Organization of round tables and seminars for the enterprises and organizations.
  • Organization of presentations ( invitation of parties that are interested)
  • Information services.
  • Providing information on tenders, grants.
  • Search for potential investors.
  • Advising on business issues.
  • Investigation of SME sphere of Tomsk region.
  • Examination of trademark on compliance  with legislative requirements.

Management assessment and business planning services:

  • Real property appraisal.
  • Assessment of equipment.
  • Business valuation
  • Valuation of intangible assets.
  • Evaluation of security papers.

Services of Tomsk regional center of subcontracting:

Tomsk regional center of subcontracting offers assistance to companies looking for partners for subcontracting and offers services:

  • Organization and conduction of  “ Subcontract Exchange”
  • Target search of providers that have the necessary equipment for manufacture.
  • “ Information services”
  • Organization of the participation of industrial enterprises in the region in the thematic exhibitions.
  • Industrial ,marketing ( helps to make  the right choice of the region to accommodate the production)
  • Catalogue of second hand equipment.
  • Real estate items.
  • Arranging presentation workshops.
  • Search of scientific-technological solutions.

4. Center of development of foreign economic activity.
Services of FEA division.

  • Providing information on offers of foreign companies.
  • Development and evaluation of external trade contracts, agreement.
  • Presentation of foreign companies.
  • Organization of business trips to overseas exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
  • Organization and conduction of economic and trade missions.
  • Organization of business meetings and negotiations.
  • Providing information services with assistance of trade representation of Russia and Russian Chamber of Commerce  office abroad and foreign Chambers of Commerce.
  • Providing background information about russian and foreign chambers of commerce, domestic and foreh\gn organizationsthat promote business development.


Translation services of Tomsk CCI:
•  Interpretation and translation into foreign languages
•  Editing translations by other translators
•  Notarial certification of the translations with the proof of the compliance with the original.
•  Translations certified  with the  seal of Tomsk CCI.

Services of Euro Info Correspondent Centrer - Tomsk Region.

Information and consultancy services (search of the information):
•  Policies and programs of the EU to support small and medium-sized businesses;
•  About the EU and Russian legislation in the field of entrepreneurship and economic activity;
•  About the tariff setting rules and customs regulations in the EU;
•  On a single EU market and opportunities that are provided by them to promote products and services to Russian enterprises;
•  About the competitions of bulk purchases (tenders)of  the EU and the opportunities of participation for Russian enterprises;
•  Provide contact details of European and Russian manufacturers, exporters and importers;
•  On standards of quality and other requirements of the EU to goods and services;
•  About the projects of the EU in promoting business activities and opportunities to access for Russian small and medium enterprises to sources of finance (funds) of the EU;

Promotion of business cooperation between Russia and EU - and the promotion of Russian enterprises on the European market:
•  Assistance in identifying of potential business partners taking into account the needs of Russian and European companies;
•  Information exchange offers, requests and business information using the capabilities of the Euro Info Centres network, the Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business, Russian Chamber of Commerce and other resources;
•  Data dissemination about Russian companies that are interested and their intentions to establish business relations with European partners through a special database called "Business Cooperation Network Euro Info Centres;
•  EICC - Tomsk region can also have a range of "advanced" services: conducting of the various activities that promote business cooperation between Russian and European companies (seminars, business meetings, business missions, information events):

If necessary, the company also have the opportunity to get a range of consulting and other services of Tomsk CCI and other organizations.

5. Center of examination and certification services.

  • Carrying out pre-shipment inspection of goods in quantity and quality to meet the requirements of the contract and shipping documents;
  • Inspection of damaged goods on behalf of insurance companies (including determining the cause of damage);
  • Committing the state of goods, product characteristics, packaging, quantity in the time of transfer (receipt) to the temporary storage in the customs territory;

6. Accounting Services

  • Information and advice on accounting and taxation;
  • The advantage of providing accounting services to third parties is that everyone is professionally engaged in the business.
  • Providing accounting services, we are responsible for our work and guarantee quality and confidentiality of information provided to us.

7. Legal services

  • Advice on any legal matters in any branch of law.
  • Assist in the creation, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities, as well as branches and representative offices.
  • Preparation of all documents: the internal acts of organization, contracts, foreign contracts, claims, statements of claims, complaints.
  • Conclusion of a legal review of documents for their compliance with current legislation (see Fees for legal services TomTPP).
  • Conclusion on the testimony of circumstances "force majeure".

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