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  The meeting of “Aeroschup” TSU project team with Mr. Paulo Viseu Pinheiro, Portuguese Ambassador in Russia, became one of the results of the developments exhibition of Tomsk SMEs and universities in SEZ Tomsk, held during the visit of the EU ambassadors to Tomsk Oblast.

  During the meeting, which was held at the Portuguese Embassy in Moscow, with the participation of Danil Vorobyov and Andrei Trifonov, the representatives of TSU BI, the Portuguese side offered TSU BI to start cooperation with the Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA) on a device for cleaning and diagnostics of bottom sediments of the sea shelf - MARINE Aeroschup.

  Moreover, the agreements on interaction in the sphere of education, including master's degree program “Biodiversity” were reached during the meeting.

  The visit of the EU ambassadors to Tomsk Oblast took place on October 7-8, 2018 at the invitation of S.A. Zhvachkin, the Governor of Tomsk Oblast.

  PS.: RIC-Tomsk Oblast business network acts on the basis of Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support since 2008 within the framework of the events for the development of business and innovations. The main goal of RIC-Tomsk Oblast is to promote international cooperation in the business and innovation sphere.

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