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Tomsk-Tokyo: business-cooperation in medicine

Tomsk-Tokyo: business-cooperation in medicine

  It’s 2nd day of Tomsk private medical companies business-mission to Japan within the framework of cooperation project of Regional Integrated Center of Enterprise Europe Network international network.

  MO «Health», «Medical and Diagnostic Center», «Private Clinic», «Center for Perinatal Health», «Clinic of Reproductive Medicine by Dr. Spirina» etc are among the participants of this project.

  Tomsk companies paid business visit to "ISKRA INDUSTRY CO., LTD" Japanese company as a part of the program. This company is engaged into the sales of medical equipment, transfer of the advanced technologies in medical sphere, search for new developments in the sphere of medicine, chemistry, high technologies and Japanese investors attraction. Japanese company held a presentation of its activities, introduced its advanced technologies, presented on Japanese market, and also revealed the peculiarities of Japanese pharmacies work on the example of one pharmacy, included in the company.

  After lunch break business program of Tomsk citizens will be continued visiting «Nagasima» company, engaged in medical equipment production.

  This project is implemented by Tomsk CCI with the support of Regional Department for the Development of Innovation and Business.

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