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The ambassadors of EU countries will visit Tomsk Oblast

  The ambassadors of 18 EU countries will visit Tomsk Oblast at the invitation of governor Sergey Zhvachkin on October 7-8, 2018. Markus Ederer, ambassador of EU in Russia, will be the head of diplomatic delegation.

  This visit will include the following: EU cinema festival, visit to Tomsk enterprises and universities, discussion of the perspective ways of partnership with EU with Tomsk Oblast governor, as well as Tomsk SEZ visiting.

  On October 8, Monday, Tomsk SEZ will start show-room of Tomsk companies with the participation of RIC-Tomsk Oblast Enterprise Europe Network, innovative and export-oriented companies as well as presentation of projects of Tomsk enterprises.

  RIC-Tomsk Oblast, acting on the basis of Tomsk CCI Tomsk, with the support of Tomsk Oblast Administration, helps to host the show-room of Tomsk enterprises. The members of Tomsk CCI «Universal Terminal Systems» LLC, «Desant zdorovya» bio ice-cream, «Akvelit», gallery and workshop- «Animatronik», «Kulyochek Schastya» LLC, Bioinstitute TSU, «Sava» LLC etc. are among them.

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