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The export of Tomsk organic products to Europe will triple in 2018

  The expert of Gleadell company, the leading trader of grain and oil-bearing crops on the markets of Great Britain and the European Union, has highly appreciated the organic products of the local cooperative “SibBioProduct” during his visit to Tomsk Oblast. The press service of the regional administration reported on Friday that the export of peas, flax, rapeseed and rye was planned to be tripled in 2018.

  It is reported that Anthony Kenny, the representative of Gleadell company, within the framework of the visit has gotten acquainted with the products of the companies, holding the membership of “SibBioProduct” cooperative, which was created at the initiative of “TDS-Group” LLC. It includes seven certified farms, another three are planned to join. The products of the cooperative are certified according to European standards. In 2017, Gleadell had already bought wheat and peas from Tomsk.

  Kenny says: “The goal of my visit is to know people who are engaged into the production of organic products in Tomsk Oblast. Before the purchase of grain, foreign buyers want to make sure that the products are real, and the culture of organic farming is carried out according to all canons. After the visit of Tomsk fields, I was satisfied”.

  It is noted that Tomsk cooperative sold organic products of the harvest for more than 200 million rubles in 2017. “The volume of export products is planned to be tripled in 2018. Tomsk wheat, peas, flax and rapeseed are in constant demand among foreign buyers, while the export of rye, barley, oats and buckwheat is at the process of the negotiations,”- the release adds.

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