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Tomsk CCI invites to take part in the exhibition DelhiWood 2019

Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry is informing the Tomsk enterprises about the 6th international exhibition of woodworking equipment, tools, accessories, raw materials and finished products DelhiWood 2019, which will be held in Great Noida city (India) on March 13-16, 2019.

The following companies are invited to take part in the exhibition:

• manufacturers and suppliers of logging and processing equipment for sawn timber,

• manufacturers of sawing equipment / veneer machines,

• manufacturers of equipment (machines) and technologies for hardwood wood processing, panel processing, equipment for the production of wood-based panels, surface treatment and finishing lines,

• manufacturers of tools and accessories for the production of furniture and woodworking, including knives, saws,

• manufacturers of packaging machines,

• manufacturers of materials and accessories (adhesives, chemicals, wood coatings, parquet floors, doors, decorative surfaces, composite materials, etc.)

• manufacturers of wood boards (plywood, chipboard, MDF, lamp boards).

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