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Exporting safety

  Notification systems of the Group of "INCOM" companies have been further developed during the last five years, including CIS countries.

  The demand for Tomsk GC “INCOM” products in regions with harsh climatic and natural conditions is not accidental - the company creates and implements collection system, processing and transmission systems for hard-to-access facilities. During 28 years of its work, “INCOM” has taken a strong position in the market of information and telecommunications systems of warning and communication in Russia, and today it is actively implementing its software systems in former USSR republics with harsh climate and hostile terrain. The list of LLC “INCOM” solutions is rather extensive. Hardware-software systems for collecting and processing of information from observational network of weather stations. Forest fire monitoring systems, hardware-software systems of warning and documented communications. Centralized public warning systems and hardware and software complexes for mobile objects assistance. All these inventions have found demand from organizations, ensuring security of the country, population and individual sectors of economy. Russian units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Service, Hydromet and other agencies with distributed structure and the necessity to collect and process information from hard-to-reach facilities via various communication channels, are long-standing users of LLC “INCOM” products.

  Dmitriy Sonkin, director of LLC "INCOM", explains:

  “The most famous solutions of “INCOM” form a family of fire control systems “Yasen”, an integrated warning and documented communications system for Rosgvardia, a meteorological information collection and processing system APS-meteo, a comprehensive tsunami warning system, a telecommunication complex for mobile operative group based on unmanned aircrafts, - explains the candidate of technical sciences. Intellectual systems, which we deliver to the near abroad markets, form a system for the collection of weather information for the republics of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, as well as hardware and software warning systems for the republics of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The uniqueness of the supplied complexes is in the combination of elements of situational center and warning system, which allows not only to solve the problem of bringing the alarm signal from the epicenter of emergency situation to the dispatching service and then to the population, but also to carry out continuous monitoring, analytical processing of data, and to forecast the development of situation.

  Dmitry Sonkin, director, says: “At this moment, “INCOM” is completing the UN contract with the Republic of Uzbekistan, developing the concept of a system to inform different groups of population about adverse natural phenomena. The fact is that Uzbekistan has limited water resources, and our system will notify agricultural producers of the republic about the condition of all water sources, changes in current situation, forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center, thus regulating water consumption limits”.

  During summer, the system will generate warnings about soil and hydrological drought, prolonged high temperature, and, on the basis of this information, warnings concerning time of watering the soil will be made. This project assumes the automation of collection from the ground weather data to the analytical center. Today the concept is at the stage of delivery, the next stage is to implement it throughout the territory of Uzbekistan. The purpose of this system application is to increase the productivity of agricultural enterprises of the republic and to optimize the use of water resources.

  Dmitriy Sonkin says: “Within the framework of the project it is planned to install more than a thousand of different hardware-software complexes and stations. It should be noted that the choice of Tomsk producer by the leadership of the republic is not accidental. – “INCOM” started to supply its products to Uzbekistan in 2003. Since then, “INCOM” has ensured the introduction of end-to-end meteorological data collection technology throughout the territory - in Tashkent, Samarkand, Jizzakh and other cities of Uzbekistan”.

  Today there are more than a hundred of our weather stations in the republic, included in the existing network of Uzgidromet. Last year we signed a contract with the Italian company “SIAP + MICROS” to modernize the meteorological data collection network at ten meteorological stations. Another major buyer of LLC “INCOM” solutions is the Republic of Kazakhstan. Business mission, organized in 2015 by Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has become a reason for great cooperation.

  Next year, the specialists of “INCOM” have developed a project of automated information system for data on natural disasters acceptance to assess and manage the risks of emergencies in the cities of Tekeli and Karabulak of Almaty region.

  Elena Pecherskaya, deputy director for information technologies of “INCOM” Group of Companies, explains: “We’ve started this work within the framework of the UN development program "Increase in the national capacity for risk assessment, prevention and response to natural disasters" for the government of Kazakhstan”.

  “In 2017, after successful tests, we signed a contract for pilot project to create public alert system for Astana and its suburbs. As a result, “INCOM” LLC and one of the leading companies of Kazakhstan in the field of designing and creation of unified communications systems “ATK” LLP signed an agreement for the implementation of project of unified state public information system. This agreement is aimed at the introduction of intellectually distributed system for monitoring, analysis and forecasting of threats to the onset of emergencies and management of local robotic complexes for warning and communication by the example of Astana city. Today this contract is at the stage of implementation of the second step: we equipped with facilities for all control points and warning stations for Astana, now there is an experimental operation of the equipment”, - says Elena Pecherskaya.

  “Also, through the UN, Tomsk developers from GC “INCOM” supply their technologies and equipment to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. For this partner, Tomsk citizens developed a comprehensive national system for informing and alerting the population about emergencies and crisis situations. This year we are completing the installation of intercept complexes for digital television and radio broadcasting systems, as well as installation of more than 40 siren control systems,” says Elena Pecherskaya.

  “In addition, in 2015, an export contract was concluded for the supply of hardware-software system for the collection of information from monitoring network of hydrometeorological services of the Republic of Turkmenistan. More than 40 meteorological stations and data collection centers were equipped with software and equipment which allows centralized collection and analysis of meteorological information from hard-to-reach places via various communication channels.

  “A similar project has been previously implemented in Tajikistan. -We supply products which constitute the most important element of security for our neighbors”, - underlines Dmitriy Sonkin, director of GC “INCOM”.

  “It is impossible to overestimate the relevance of these decisions in the era of planet’s changing climate, manmade disasters and terrorist dangers. I suppose that when our foreign partners entrust their security to us, they demonstrate the highest degree of confidence not only to the experience of “INCOM”, but to the whole Tomsk scientific school in general”.

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