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The Export Support Center generates a positive effect

The Tomsk Oblast Export Support Center, which operates on the basis of the Tomsk CCI is an important tool for implementing the tasks of economic development.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, delivering a message to the Federal Assembly, set the task: Russian non-energy exports should double over the next six years and reach a volume of $ 250 billion a year.

“Another source of growth is the development of non-primary exports. It is necessary ... to create the most favored for those companies that work and enter the foreign markets,” said the head of state.

The President of the country set the task within six years to increase the supply of engineering products to $ 50 billion, and the annual export of services, including education, medicine, tourism and transport to increase to $ 100 billion.

To carry out such an important task, it is necessary to use all available resources, including instruments of state support for exporters.

In the Tomsk region, regional authorities and business over the past few years have created an integrated regional system capable of providing maximum support to exporters.

In the Tomsk region, regional authorities and business over the past few years have created an integrated regional system capable of providing maximum support to exporters.

In the region there are the Export Support Center, the Regional Integrated Center, the Subcontracting Center, since 2017 the "point of presence" of the JSC Russian Export Center operates, the professional services of the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry are recognized as one of the highest quality experts in the country.

One of the key tools for supporting export-oriented business, which has proved itself from the very best side, is the system of regional Export Support Centers, which began to be established in 2010. Now such centers operate in 53 regions. In the current year, it is planned to open 11 new centers.

The export support centers provide a wide range of services for small and medium-sized businesses, including information and consulting support for export activities, conduct marketing research, business missions, reception of foreign delegations, and help Tomsk companies participate in international exhibitions.

The regional export support center operates on the basis of the Tomsk CCI within the framework of the regional program for the development of entrepreneurship and measures of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and is part of the system created by the RF Ministry of Economic Development. This system shows dynamic development. So in 2017, compared to 2016, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises that received services in the centers increased by 52 percent. The number of contracts with unique foreign counterparts increased by 132 percent. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises that began to export their products increased by 49 percent.

Tomsk Center is one of the leading regional centers of the export support system.

At the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Economic Development and the JSC "Russian Export Center" evaluated the work of regional centers. The Export Support Center, operating on the basis of the Tomsk CCI, entered the top ten Russian centers along with border regions and regions with capitals of over one million. Their activities were assessed on 10 parameters: on the coverage of export support in the region, the number of "success stories" and new exporters, geography and volumes of export supplies and other criteria.

The most important advantage of the Tomsk Export Support Center is that it is combined with other export support services effectively operating on the basis of the Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry. And in June last year, the general director of "Russian Export Center" Petr Fradkov and the president of Tomsk CCI Arkady Eskin signed an agreement on the establishment of the point of presence of "REC" in our region. This was the development of the agreements reached by the governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin and Peter Fradkov in 2016, on the development of a regional export support system with the participation of the Tomsk CCI.

Today there is actually a "single window" for supporting export-oriented business based on the Tomsk CCI, combining specialized services for exporters.

Tomsk export-oriented companies can access a wide range of financial (lending, insurance, bank guarantees) and non-financial services provided by «REC». This list also includes reimbursement of costs for international certification for the export of high-tech products; reimbursement of costs for international patenting / maintaining a patent, etc. There are also other forms of support for export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses that are implemented within the framework of the entrepreneurship development program.

On the basis of the Tomsk CCI, professional services for existing and potential exporters are collected, - explains the head of the Center for Development of Foreign Economic Activity of the Tomsk CCI, Alexander Belyaev.

These are all kinds of export support services, the Regional Integrated Center, the Subcontracting Center, the Translation Bureau, etc. All this gives the company the opportunity to get qualified support in one place. At that with state support, minimizing own expenses of business. This, in spite of the remoteness from the borders, gives a positive effect. We can say that in the Tomsk region a fairly comfortable environment for exporters has been created.

Experts of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Russian Export Center placed our region on the 4th-5th place among all Russian subjects in the index of the regional export environment published in 2017 .

Experts assessed the activity of the infrastructure, the regional regulatory framework, export performance.

The activity of the support center for exports of the Tomsk region was also repeatedly noted last year at sectoral meetings in the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

With the assistance of the Export Support Center, Tomsk companies concluded 120 export contracts in 2017. We give some examples.

Tomsk firm "Akvelit" has concluded the contract on deliveries to the Indian market of a unique cloth for manufacture of antiseptic wound-healthing bandages Vita Vallis. It should be noted that these bandages were developed by the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science of the SB RAS. Today, Vita Vallis bandages are exported to South Africa, Vietnam, Poland, the UAE and the Persian Gulf.

With the assistance of the center, the Tomsk company NPF “Micran” and the Vietnamese holding signed an agreement on the supply of Tomsk products to this country in Southeast Asia, cooperation with Mongolia is developing.

According to the results of the business mission of Kazakhstan in June 2017, GC "Aquatek" opened in Almaty a subsidiary company LLP "Atek", which sells Tomsk filter materials for water treatment.

The business mission of Tomsk small and medium-sized enterprises was organized by the Tomsk CCI within the framework of the Export Support Center with the assistance of the administration of the Tomsk region and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

With the assistance of the center, OOO “Eskimo Company” entered the markets of China and the United States, OOO “Universal System Terminal” began exporting interactive equipment to Australia and Israel, OOO “Lucvis” signed a contract for the supply of equipment to Kazakhstan. And this is not a complete list.

In 2018, the growth in regional export indicators shows a positive dynamics. According to the statistics of the Siberian Customs Administration, the volume of exports of the Tomsk region in January-February 2018 amounted to $ 46.26 million and showed an increase of more than 17 percent compared to the same period in 2017.

It is noteworthy that in 2017 and early 2018 the growth of exports of Tomsk products to the CIS countries is growing more dynamically. So in the first months of 2018, exports in this direction grew by more than 1.7 times.

The main partners in the export activities of Tomsk enterprises today are Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, China, Poland, Vietnam, Mongolia.

For example, the volume of exports with Uzbekistan increased by 114 percent last year. In absolute terms - by $ 26.3 million. This was largely due to the liberalization of the economy of this country. For comparison - the volume of exports with a huge market capacity of China grew by only $ 20.2 million.

It should be recognized that in the current political and economic situation, access to foreign markets with our products is a very costly undertaking. And the markets of the post-Soviet space, where it is possible to include Mongolia, and to some extent Vietnam, are not alien to us, and these countries are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Therefore, companies that decided to engage in export activities should not "scatter" in all directions, but we must restore our former positions in countries with which economic, cultural ties are still strong. In the opinion of Tomsk and Russian experts in the sphere of foreign economic activity, business and the state should take a closer look at these traditional markets for us. In general, export-oriented enterprises should get more support, especially those companies that can multiply increase export of products to foreign markets.

Rimma Gordova, OOO “Ferment”:

- The Tomsk CCI Export Support Center does its best to assist our business. For example, a business mission to Kazakhstan turned out to be very fruitful, although not immediately. The staff of the Center worked very closely with the participants of the delegation and with the host. Now we are establishing contacts with China, in which the Export Support Center is actively helping us: consults, conducts market analysis, translates, etc. The Center team always works efficiently, with full dedication. Even if they can not directly help in something, they will always tell you whom to turn to. Business missions are always organized at the highest level.

Anastasia Eremina, OOO “Novaya Khimiya”:

- The Export Support Center gave us the opportunity to use the services of the “REC”, conducted consultations, training seminars, translated our website into English, assisted in participating in the international exhibition, etc. The employees of the center are always ready to support entrepreneurs - to advise, inform, e. They do very important and useful work for Tomsk business.

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