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Unique advantages of Siberia in export activities were discussed during Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

The fifteenth Krasnoyarsk economic forum was held from 12 to 14 April under the official motto "Russia 2018-2024: realizing potential." Economists, government officials, businessmen, scientists and lawmakers, heads of business support institutions were given an opportunity to discuss jointly the vector along which the economy of the Siberian region and the whole country is moving. Finding ideas, mechanisms for revealing the potential not only of Siberia, but also of other territories, during a period of economic instability and confrontation with the West, was not easy. But still, according to Arkady Dvorkovich, the deputy chairman of the government of the Russian Federation, all forum participants had chosen the projects which will be promoted in the near future.


The events of the last months have actualized up to the limit the entire agenda of Krasnoyarsk forum: the participants discussed the achievement of the goals outlined in the message of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, and measures to counteract the sanctions regime. The forum was visited by the heads of all the key federal ministries, as well as a record number of deputy ministers. In total, over five and a half thousand people from 30 countries of the world and about 60 regions of Russia visited the KEF site during three days. Over 80 different events took place within the business agenda: discussion platforms, sessions, conferences, round tables, not including cultural, sports and additional programs.

Talking about the country's development goals for the near future, identified by Vladimir Putin in a message to the Federal Assembly, Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister, noted that the sanctions regime imposed by the Western countries against Russia seriously complicated the conditions for the development of the domestic economy by introducing new adjustments to the previous mechanisms of work.

- We have to find solutions, understanding the challenges of global politics and the economy. On the one hand, we have partners, and on the other - competitors who behave harshly, who do not pay attention to the standards of international law. We must focus in this situation, - said the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Arkady Dvorkovich, first of all it is necessary to change the forms of management and support of business in Russia.

- The inflexible laws and regulations don’t allow to find the best solutions. We have to make this system more mobile. Anyway, we will implement the tasks set, but it will be faster and more efficiently in cooperation with the civil society of the country, and with our neighbors and partners from other countries. Nevertheless, these questions need trust. It is impossible to move forward without it,"- said Arkady Dvorkovich.

The representatives of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, members of public organization “Delovaya Rossiya”, businessmen and financiers noted that today the market participants do not have enough targets for the development of project financing in general, as well as a clear program of coordinated and structured actions on the part of the state and private business, companies of real sector and banking system.

- State support measures should be justified depending on who is the beneficiary of the project. On the basis of this, we can choose necessary measure of support, " - considers Elena Bezdenezhnykh, vice-president of PJSC MMC “Norilsk Nickel”.

Talking about the development of export potential of the regions of Siberia, Georgy Kalamanov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation noted that a significant system of state support for exports has been created in the country for recent years:

- In 2017, Russia's total export amounted to 357 billion dollars. The growth to the level of 2016 was about 25 percent. Non-resource export amounts to 133.7 billion dollars, so the share of non-resource export in the total volume is 37.5 percent. We are entering new markets. It allows us to say that due to state support, growth points have been found. We have outlined several areas to support export companies, such assubsidizing the interest rate on bank loans, certification, logistics and transportation of products, "- Georgy Kalamanov said.

As Sergey Katyrin, the president of RF CCI, said in his report, today's exporters are interested not only in financial support of promotion to other markets, but in qualified legal assistance:

- Interrogations showed that businessmen, entering foreign markets, need more intangible tools to support export. Only thirty percent of them talk about financial assistance, others prefer assistance in seeking contacts, legal advice, access to databases of prospective clients, "said Sergey Katyrin.

По словам президента Томской ТПП Аркадия Эскина, несырьевой экспорт в условиях большой удаленности сибирских регионов от границ страны, нуждается в постоянной поддержке механизмами государственных программ, инструментами ТПП и РЭЦ. Только при этих условиях можно добиться заметных результатов.

According to Arkady Eskin, the president of Tomsk CCI, non-resource export in the conditions of remote Siberian regions from the borders of the country, requires constant support of the mechanisms of state programs by the tools of CCI and REC. Only these conditions lead to achievement of significant results.

Tomsk region is actively promoting non-resource export about 10 years. Today we have good results - during three years we have increased the number of export companies by two and a half times. At the same time, non-resource export in the total volume of export of the Tomsk region occupies more than 60 percent. To support this activity, we use considerable funds for regional and federal export development programs. As a result, during the past 2017year, 150 contracts worth about 3 billion rubles were received, "- said Arkady Eskin.

According to the president of Tomsk CCI, today, the lack of investment, the lack of qualified personnel, expensive loans and the ill-considered nature of some new development tools hinder the development of export as a whole. At the same time, Arkady Eskin assessed very positively the first results of implementing joint projects of CCI and REC, as well as the Industrial Development Fund.

The opinion of president of Tomsk CCI was supported by other participants of the discussion - the Siberian business needs more accented assistance from the Russian Export Center and foreign economic activity professionals. At the same time, businessmen note the necessity to strengthen the importance of the status of exporters, and attention to traditional markets for Russian exports can give a qualitative growth of regional non-resource products. And especially it is necessary to support the export of education.


Another not less important topic for the Tomsk region was the discussion of new approaches to the development of innovation and technological and scientific policy of the regions. The moderator of the discussion was Artem Shadrin, Director of the Strategic Development and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. The representatives of the authorities and universities of Tomsk, Novosibirsk Regions, and Krasnoyarsk Krai took part in the discussion. Andrey Antonov, deputy governor for the Tomsk Region Economy and Eduard Galazhinsky, rector of National Research Tomsk State University, talked about the implementation of the system in our region.

"We focused on cooperation between universities and business, creating conditions for embedding scientific developments in the technological chains of large enterprises and preparing a new type of managers," - Andrei Antonov explained. - At the same time, the expansion of a number of producers of innovative products is conducted with the active participation of the leading Tomsk universities and their business activity.

Talking about the perspectives of the human resources potential of Russian science, experts agreed that in order to ensure the staff shortage did not turn into a lack of competencies, there is a need to change the principles of personnel reserve formation by reviewing the selection procedure, based on competence and experience.

- Today, the most urgent issue was the changes in the system of training scientists, creating of unique and advanced ideas. Therefore, the creation of technology for rapid training of personnel in the light of the scientific and technological revolution, the preparation of new leaders in scientific and technological development is one of the main vectors of our university, " - said Eduard Galazhinsky, rector of TSU.

As a result of the discussion, the experts attributed the Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions, as well as the Krasnoyarsk Krai to the main regions of the country for the implementation of the Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of Russia.

A separate conversation within the framework of KEF was also awarded to the role of Siberian regions in the digitization of country's economy. The moderator of the discussion was Sergey Katyrin, who noted the serious lag in our country in the qualitative modernization of the technological base of enterprises.

- The level of robotization in Russia, in comparison with other countries, is still low: 10,000 working Russians have less than three industrial robots, while the average for the world is 74. Thus, to talk about the massive advent of robots at Russian enterprises and their large role in the life of society at least prematurely. However, in some professions, robots are beginning to replace people, but this means, first of all, that you need to re-train people in time to work in other places. Taking into account that we have a clear lack of qualified personnel, we can state: fears about robots as a source of mass unemployment are very premature, " - Sergei Katyrin stressed.

Only three percent of those, present at the discussion, said that they used robots in business. More than a half use electronic services for business processes, and 18 percent of the audience haven’t planned to robotize their business.

The participants of the discussion called the results of this poll quite expected. Russia lags behind the leaders of digitalization for 5-8 years, it is necessary to seriously work to reduce the backlog.

-"Robotization and digitalization opens great prospects for simplifying the activities of businessmen," said Elena Dybova, vice president of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

- Indeed, how easier the conduction of business will be, if, for example, to automate the preparation of all reports, accounting procedures. If you remove an extra load from the businessmen, they will finally be able to straighten their shoulders and take up their immediate and favorite business.

Businessmen agreed with this conclusion, having decided in interactive voting that first of all it is necessary to replace accountants, as well as lawyers and personnel officers with "electronic workers".


Concrete results of work of Krasnoyarsk economic forum were the signing of about 70 agreements, memoranda, contracts between authorities, business, and public organizations. A number of agreements were devoted to the implementation of the interregional project "Yenisei Siberia" and agreements on cooperation in different sectors between Krasnoyarsk Krai and other regions. Some treaties concerned the forthcoming Universiade-2019, the issues of Siberian interuniversity cooperation. But, as Arkady Dvorkovich noted at the final press conference, the main result of the forum was a common understanding of the implementation of tasks in strategic areas.

- Interesting thoughts and approaches were expressed about the plans for the actions of the Russian new government, whose appointment will be held after May holidays. As for the regional agenda, we decided which projects will be promoted in the near future, "- the Deputy Prime Minister explained.

All the KEF participants agreed that, in all the importance of modern means of telecommunications, nothing can replace personal communication upon the discussion of specific working issues.

- The leaders of all key federal ministries successfully contacted with business during the forum. This format gave the opportunity to ask personally a question or to discuss an idea. Therefore, it is necessary to support the holding of these events on a federal scale, - Arkady Dvorkovich summed up.

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