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A big window of opportunities.

The activities of the Regional Export Support Center create new conditions for growth in the number of exporters in the region.

In the past years more and more representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises see development of export potential as perspectives for their own business. The regional export development is an obvious answer to the rapid economic globalization. All around the world exporters receive various types of support including consulting, insurance and financial.

Tomsk export-oriented companies also have such kind of opportunity: in our region there is an infrastructure of regional export support (Export Support Center, Enterprise Europe Network), which is a part of a national export support system. Since June 2017 after signing of agreement between Tomsk CCI and “Russian Export Center” on foundation of “Russian Export Center’s point of presence” on the basis of Tomsk CII the mechanism for exporters’ support has been enriched with services of this federal business development institute.

Point of presence for export.

Today the key element in the system of exporters’ support is Regional Export Support Center, based on Tomsk CCI with a support of the regional administration, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Development Fund for SMEs.  The Center consults Tomsk export-oriented companies, organizes seminars, round tables, workshops with the leading experts in the sphere of foreign economic activity from Russia and foreign countries. Moreover, the Center provides Tomsk companies’ attendance in the international exhibitions and b2b-meetings in prestigious markets, as well as it organizes visits of foreign business delegations to Tomsk.

Due to the signed agreement between the General Director of the Russia Export Support Center Petr Fradkov and the President of Tomsk CCI Arkady Eskin on foundation of “Russian Export Center’s point of presence” in our region, the services of the Center received profitable functions.

Tomsk region has got many types of competitive products, export of which has good perspectives. Due to the foundation of the “point of presence”, the local exporters got a wide range of financial and other kind of services – support of international certification and patenting, subsidizing of the production delivery abroad and taking part in the international exhibitions, export credit products and insurance of foreign trade transactions, analytical and marketing support, and much more, \"says the president of the Tomsk CCI Arkady Eskin.

Export Support Center conducts an active work in all the spheres of support, helping to get financial and non-financial aid during all the stages of exporting.

The representatives of our SMEs have already made several applications to Russia Export Support Center by means of Tomsk CCI in order to get the reimbursement of costs spent on  international certification of high-tech products, for international patenting and the transport of goods, \"says Ekaterina Govorova, an expert in foreign economic relations of the Tomsk CCI. – Moreover, with the help of the center of Tomsk CCI, now it is possible to apply for co-financing up to 80 percent of the company\'s expenses for participation in international exhibitions. For example, Tomsk company \"Telebriz\" has recently applied for participation in the exhibition in Africa and received confirmation from the REC Commission. In addition, we accept applications for lending of export activities with help of Roseximbank and carry out insurance for international contracts by means of Exxar. According to the orders of Tomsk companies we can help issue export licenses for enterprises, prepare analytical references and reviews on foreign markets, taking into account the specifics of different countries. Precisely new export opportunities, according to the president of Tomsk CCI, offer the main advantage –connection of our region to the system of the Russian Export Center.

-As tools, there can be used not only subsidies for international patenting, certification and logistics, obtaining guarantees and insurance under export contracts -, says Arkady Eskin. - With the help of the REC many non-financial problems of the future exporter can be solved at the project development stage.

At the CCI, as a point of presence of the REC, there is a team of experienced specialists who also provide individual support to all companies which need consultation, assistance in preparing documentation, and structuring an export project as part of the activities of the Export Support Center. To implement various stages of promotion to the external market, the CCI attracts leading Russian experts on legal, insurance and financial issues.

\"Today, in conditions of high competition, it is very difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to reach the new markets alone, therefore, the assistance of regional export centers and the use of REC products plays an important role in increasing the region\'s export supplies,\" said Alexander Belyaev, director of the Center for the Development of Foreign Trade Activity of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. - Only this year we organized several business missions of our companies to the markets of Eastern, South, Southeast Asia, the CIS countries, and delegations of foreign businessmen in our region. The result was the signing of a number of beneficial contracts between Tomsk SMEs and foreign firms.

For example, one of the Tomsk companies, which work with R & D in the field of new fuels, with the support of the export center of the Tomsk region, signed an agreement with partners from South Africa. Now Tomsk technologies will work in the South African market.

Expanding geography of presence

The signing of the agreement was an extension of the cooperation between Tomsk business ans African continent. A memorable event in the foreign economic sphere of our region was the business visit of the state oil company NILEPET (The National Oil and Gas Corporation of South Sudan) from Southern Sudan to Tomsk. The delegation was headed by Mr. Santo Martino Laco Modi, Director General of the Directorate for Oil and Gas Production and Exploration.

The representatives of \"Oilteam\" and \"Gazinformplast\" took part in the meeting with African businessmen who, with the support of the Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, signed an agreement in 2016 to work on the NILEPET fields in Southern Sudan. The guests highly appreciated the opportunities of Tomsk development in the oil and gas sector, construction and operation of pipelines, in particular, the company \"Oilteam\" solutions, and invited Russian companies to participate in projects on the African continent.

-It is a pleasure to see how your regional administration and CII support business in its entering the new markets, - noticed Mr. Santo Martino Laco Modi, - wee see the meeting on a such a high level as the way to show the interest in new business projects, especially in a matter of support cooperation with our corporation. We will definitely tell our diplomatic services about your region, the level of your specialists and warm attitude to the guests.

With the same success, the heads of Vietnamese companies working in the field of logistics, civil and industrial construction, electrical engineering, trade, oil and gas service, visited Tomsk region. As part of the business program, Vietnamese businessmen visited a number of Tomsk high-tech enterprises and organizations, held more than 70 negotiations, during which promising ties were established and ways for mutually beneficial cooperation were determined.

-We have learned a lot of useful contacts from the stock exchange and the visit in general. We have contributed to the development of business ties with Tomsk companies, as, for example, with \"Moye Ceramic Implant\" and a number of others. I would like to note the high level of organization of the visit: Tomsk CCI presented to us the most interesting companies and organized visits to enterprises and power structures. All this turned out to be very useful for us, \" said the director of\" Nhat Minh Technology \"JSC Doan Huu Ha An.

The response visits of Tomsk businessmen concerned the most promising topics for business cooperation of the country of the near- and far- abroad states. For example, this year in June Tomsk CCI organized the business mission of our entrepreneurs to the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to develop small and medium-sized businesses, \"During the visit, our businessmen held b2b meetings with many companies in the region, visited various enterprises, and also got acquainted with the opportunities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian trade mission in this country,\" says Alexander Belyaev.

In September, the CCI supported the participation of Tomsk companies’ representatives in the exhibition in the Iranian city of Mashhad. During the visit to the city of Mashhad, individual b2b talks took place, as well as acquaintance with the enterprises of the Khorasan-Rezavi province.

- We are looking for new opportunities for Tomsk companies. For example, Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran, it has 2.8 million inhabitants, and the population of the entire province is about six million, - says Alexander Belyaev. - This is a region where the automotive, electrical, metallurgical and petrochemical industries, energy, construction materials and automotive components are developed. Here, oil and gas are extracted, agriculture and food industry are developed, and much more.

The organization of business missions and visits of foreign delegations by Tomsk CCI and export support institutions is a common world practice, so Tomsk actively uses tools to support exporters, widely distributed in different regions of the world.

\"We used to use a wide range of tools to support export-oriented enterprises, many of these mechanisms are effective and enjoy success in the Tomsk business,\" explains Alexander Belyaev. \"But the bonus of these tools with new forms can give a synergistic effect that allows small businesses to reduce costs significantly when seeking foreign partners and entering a foreign market. Therefore, the development of a single \"window of opportunity\" through the provision of a full range of regional and state financial and non-financial services to local companies is a logical step.

 Today, the SME support mechanisms that operate in our region successfully complement each other, any Tomsk small and medium-sized business enterprise that is thinking about entering new markets, integrating global Russian and foreign companies into production chains, can get a whole range of tools that make it easier to work with counterparties. We can say that it\'s time for Tomsk export.

For reference

The events of the regional support center for exports of the Tomsk region are held on the basis of the Tomsk CCI within the framework of the regional program for the development of entrepreneurship with the support of the administration of the Tomsk region, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, and the regional SME Development Fund.

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