News — The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tomsk

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tomsk searches for opportunities for Tomsk and the Netherlands business.


The President of Tomsk CCI Arkady Eskin conducted negotiations with the representatives of the Embassy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Philips Healthcare and Philips Lighting companies in the frames of the Netherland’s delegation visit, at the head of which was the Council in Russia Renée Jones-Bos.

In the personal dialog with the Dutch side the President of Tomsk CCI spoke about the Russian-Dutch projects in the sphere of private medicine, presentations in the CCI of Utrecht and Amsterdam, export agency of the Netherlands, webinars for Tomsk business with the Dutch side and Russian Trade mission in the Netherlands in the frames of Enterprise Europe Network’s practice and meetings with the representatives of the Dutch Embassy in Tomsk CCI.

Active work of Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the development of business relations received recognition from the European side. During the course of the negotiations the number of events for Tomsk business in 2018 was planned.

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