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Tomsk CCI became the point of presence of Russian Export Center in Tomsk region

Tomsk CCI became the point of presence of Russian Export Center in Tomsk region

  Agreement on this was signed on June 19, 2017, by Director General of AO «Russian export center» and President of Tomsk CCI Arkadii Eskin.

  Sign of the agreement on creating a point of presence of  AO «Russian export center» in Tomsk region was a result of the development of agreements between Governor of Tomsk region Sergei Zhvachkin and Petr Fradkov, and between REC and CCI Russia, concluded in the frameworks of Saint-Ptersburg international economic forum (PMEF-2016).

  According to the consolidated plan of prioritized project «System measures of development of international cooperation and export», approved by Russian Presidential council on strategic development and prioritized projects, it’s regional points of presence that will enable to broaden the implementation of REC projects on exporters’ development.

  In the frameworks of the agreement signed Russian Export Center will support Tomsk exporters in the frameworks of programs of financial support, assist in searching for foreign partners and commit to provide REC services to clients, directed by Tomsk CCI in priority order. 

  Tomsk CCI will assist REC in implementing programs as a regional representative of this organization. In partnership organizations will support export-oriented enterprises of the region and increase attractiveness of exporter’s image.

  Sign of the document took place at a specially organized ceremony in Center of international trade in Moscow, in which participated management of Russian export center, CCI Russia, heads of regional CCIs.

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