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  • Tomsk CCI held a webinar on work with Azerbaijan

    On August 31 Tomsk CCI held a webinar on working with Azerbaijan. 4 SMEs of Tomsk region took part in the event. Among the participants there were  new participants of foreign economic activity, who only plan entering foreign markets, and those, who already have experience of foreign trade deals and participation in international events and projects. For example deputy director for gas projects, main geologist of OOO «NTTS OILTIM» Aleksandr Yurievich Gorlach told about his experience of participation in 24th International exhibition «Neft I gaz Kaspiya» and negotiation with Azerbaijan partners.
  • Tomsk CCI held a seminar on conducting business with Iran

    On August, 30 Tomsk CCI held a seminar on peculiarities of working with Islamic Republic of Iran.  Expert invited was Aleksandr Mikhailovich Sharov (Moscow) – head of the group of companies «RusIranEkspo», deputy head of the Representation of business club SCO in Iran, deputy chairman of the Comission of Moscow CCI on foreign economic cooperation with Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Tomsk CCI held a seminar on export of goods to foreign markets

    Last week Tomsk CCI held a seminar on export issues. Speakers invited were Natalya Podgoretskaya (Saint-Petersburg) –  vice-president of Fund of international commerce, founder of export agency "АBK Direkt". Founder of first international coworking ExPort on the basis of Center of import substitution in Saint-Petersburg. Vice-president of Fund of international commerce development. Host of the program «Financial management» on «Business FM» radio. International expert and speaker on foreign economic activity issues; Rauza Medyanskaya (Udmurtia Republic) – deputy director general of Union UCCI on foreign economic activity; Aleksandr Shchelkanov (Moscow) – director of regional sales in insurance agency Coface Russia; Roman Dzhungurov -  head of representation of Coface in Novosibirsk.
  • Entrepreneurs of Tomsk region and Vietnam consider negotiations and meetings held successful

    Last week, on August 23-26, heads of Vietnamese companies «PETROSETCO Vung Tau» JSC, «TNT Shipping and Trading» JSC, «Baria-Vungtau House Development» JSC and other companies, working in the fields of logistics, civil and industrial construction, electro technics, trading and oilfield maintenance, visited Tomsk region. 
  • On August 30 Tomsk CCI will hold a seminar on conducting business with Islamic Republic of Iran

    On August 30 Tomsk CCI will hold a seminar on conducting business with Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Tomsk CCI is holding a seminar «Foreign economic activity issues. Peculiarities of conducting business with Islamic Republic of Iran» with the support of regional Fund of development of SMEs of Tomsk region and regional Department of industry and entrepreneurship development. Seminar will take place on August 30, 2017 in the conference hall of Tomsk CCI (Tomsk, Krasnoarmeiskaya st., 71a) from 10.00 till 17.00 with a lunch break.

  • On August 29 Tomsk CCI will hold a seminar «marketing and promotion of goods and services»

    On August 29, 2017, on the basis of the conference-hall of Council of municipal institutions of Tomsk region there will be held a seminar «Marketing and promotion of goods and services» (Kirova pr.,58, building 55, 4th floor), from 10:00 till 17:00.
  • On August 25, 2017 in the conference hall of Tomsk CCI Tomsk companies will exchange contacts with companies from Vietnam

    Tomsk CCI organizes the event in the frameworks of the activities of regional center for export support with the support of Tomsk region administration, The Ministry of the Economic Development of the Russian Federation and regional fund of SMEs’ development.
  • Heads of Vietnamese enterprises will visit Tomsk region to held meetings and negotiations with Tomsk SMEs.

    In the frameworks of the visit on August 24 and 25, 2017, there will be held meetings with deputy governor of Tomsk region Andrei Antonov, contact exchange in Tomsk CCI, visits to SEZ Tomsk,   АО NPF «Mikran», ООО «Tomskaya elektronnaya kompaniya», ООО «NPO Sibirskii mashinostroitel», Tomsk Polytechnic University, АО «Tomskoe pivo», ООО «Neotekhnika», ООО «Tsentr korporativnoi meditsiny», etc
  • In the first half-year of 2017 Tomsk region export shows positive dynamic.

    According to the data of Siberian customs office the volume of foreign trade of Tomsk region in first six months of 2017 is 233,05 million USD, which is a 21.07% increase in comparison with the same period of year 2016. In-kind export of Tomsk region has increased on 60,62% and totaled 125,75 million $, surplus of the region’s foreign trade is +18,5 million $. Share of the non-CIS countries amounted to more than a half of foreign turnover of our region.
  • Delegations of Iranian oil company ICOFC and large oilfield service company PPZ paid a business visit to Tomsk

    On August 10, 2017 at 16-00 in Reception House of Tomsk region administration deputy Governor Andrei Antonov and President of Tomsk CCI Arkady Eskin met the delegation of Iranian oil company ICOFC and large oilfield service company PPZ, which came to Tomsk region with a business visit.
  • Offers of the member of Tomsk CCI – AO «NPF Mikran» were included into record of the 3rd session of Work group of Russian-Indonesian intergovernmental commission.

    Tomsk company together with Indonesian partners -  PT. Rahmah Samudra Indonesia and PT. Nuansa Era Teknologi – is intended to supply high-tech telecommunication equipment to Indonesian market and to create a joint enterprise to manufacture telecommunication equipment in Indonesia. 
  • On August 24 Tomsk CCI will held a seminar on export

    Tomsk CCI is holding a seminar «Foreign economic activity issues. Export of goods and services to foreign markets» with the support of regional fund for SME development, regional department of industry and entrepreneurship development and the Ministry of the economic development of the Russian Federation.
  • Representatives of Tomsk companies underwent a program «Increase of competitiveness of export-oriented SMEs»

    In Tomsk CCI there was completed an intensive educational module for export-oriented business of Tomsk region.
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