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  • Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry will hold a stock exchange of contacts with enterprises of Mongolia

    From October 30 to November 2, 2017, the city of Tomsk will be visited by a delegation from Mongolia. The delegation will include representatives of the largest producers of wool and cashmere products, national Mongolian mobile operators, and the leading supermarket chain, interested in developing cooperation with Tomsk companies.
  • The competition for the title of the best exporter of the Tomsk region among small and medium-sized businesses

    Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Fund for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Tomsk Region with the support of the Administration of the Tomsk Region and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia announce start of applications from small and medium-sized businesses for participation in the regional contest "The Best Exporter of the Tomsk Region in 2017".
  • Towards the 25th anniversary of the Tomsk CCI. Bureau of Translation Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    Translations from foreign languages of commercial, legal documents, shipping documentation: contracts, specifications, invoices, certificates of origin, packing lists, certificates of conformity, sanitary and epidemiological conclusions, cargo customs declarations. Interpreting, translation of telephone conversations, translation of personal documents. Notarization, apostille, certification by the seal of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

  • A big window of opportunities.

    The activities of the Regional Export Support Center create new conditions for growth in the number of exporters in the region.

    In the past years more and more representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises see development of export potential as perspectives for their own business. The regional export development is an obvious answer to the rapid economic globalization. All around the world exporters receive various types of support including consulting, insurance and financial.

  • A meeting with a representative of Czech business was held at the Regional Integrated Center of Tomsk CCI

    The meeting with Ian Mahalo from a well-known industrial Moravian-Silesian Region in the Czech Republic was held in the Regional integrated center of the biggest international business net Enterprise Europe Network, based on Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • In traditions of old friendship

    The regional export support center develops business contacts between Indian and Tomsk businessmen.

    In the current year 2017, Russia and India celebrate 70 years of establishing diplomatic relations between our countries. Today, these long-standing partnerships are consolidated by the business community of the two countries.

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tomsk searches for opportunities for Tomsk and the Netherlands business.

    The President of Tomsk CCI Arkady Eskin conducted negotiations with the representatives of the Embassy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Philips Healthcare and Philips Lighting companies in the frames of the Netherland’s delegation visit, at the head of which was the Council in Russia Renée Jones-Bos.

    In the personal dialog with the Dutch side the President of Tomsk CCI spoke about the Russian-Dutch projects in the sphere of private medicine, presenta

  • Israeli business is interested in interactive complexes for training and leisure in Tomsk.

    A meeting with an Israeli businessman Alex Mashiach who arrived in Tomsk from Hader specially to study the products and potential of cooperation with the Tomsk company «Universal terminal systems» took place in the conference hall of Tomsk CCI.
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