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About the region

Title: Tomsk region.
Administrative center: Tomsk
District: Siberian Federal district
Governor: Sergey Zhvachkin
Date of formation: August 13, 1944
The distance from the administrative center to Moscow – 3633 km (highway). This is 4 hours by plane and 2,5 days by train.
Time: Moscow + 3 hours
Cities of the region: Tomsk, Seversk, Strezhevoy, Kolpashevo, Asino, Kedroviy.


Tomsk region is located in the geographical center of Siberia. By are the Tomsk Region is about 1,5 % larger than Poland ( and nearly 40 times smaller than Poland’s population).

Tomsk region is rich in natural resources. Resources and oil reserves in the interior of the territory are estimated as 2,5 billion of tons, gas at 1,3 trillion of cubic meters, brown coal – 75,5 millions of tones. Region ranks second in Russia by the reservoir of peat. 12 deposits of metallic ores are opened. About   60 % of the territory of the region is woodland. Total area of forest resources is 26,722,000. 

Paved highway mileage includes 4,204 km, while traffic density is 20 km per 1,000 km2. In 2010-2030 project-construction of new international and trans-re­gional highways, including the Northern Highway (Perm – Ivdel – Khanty-Man­siysk – Tomsk). In 2016-2030 new federal road network construction is planned to integrate separate regional roads into a single North-West – Siberia transport infrastructure (St. Petersburg – Kotlas – Syktyvkar – Perm – Khanty-Mansiysk – Tomsk).

Total railway mileage within Tomsk Region is 346 km, the main train line of which is Bely Yar – Tomsk – Taiga. There are six railway routes from Tomsk. Tomsk is a through station from Adler to Vladivostok. In 2015, the North Siberian Rail­way Network from Nizhnevartovsk to Bely Yar and Bely Yar to Lesosibirsk will be constructed under the Federal Target Program.

Tomsk Region contribution in the national economy is significantly high­er than its contribution in terms of regional demographic growth. The region­al strategic target is to create a dynamically developing, well-balanced and com­petitive high-income economy. Analysis of development indicators (2004-2010) revealed sustainable positive dynamics, average population income growth and unemployment reduction in the region. At the same time, Tomsk Regional Ad­ministration has set new challenges – development of an advanced innovative economy. In 2010 research and educational complex and high-technology busi­ness involved 15% of Gross Regional Product (GRP); R&D expenses were 6.2 bil­lion rubles (2.2% of GRP to average national level of 1.4%). Patent promotion ex­ceeds twice the average in RF, including 494 patents of which including three foreign ones in 2010. In October 2011, the Russian Government approved the project-concept in creating Center of Education and R&D (“Information-Science- Education” Project 2020).

Regional support measurement-system for investment activities has been de­veloping and operating since 2003 and, nowadays, is a well-organized, efficient and quick-responding system, which in its turn, is regulated by normative legal acts.

Tomsk Region ranks among the leaders in Russian and Siberian Federal Dis­trict in key small business development indicators.

In 2010 the GRP (i.e. basic prices) was 281.7 billion rubles (almost 1% of the Russian Gross Domestic Product), exports – 612.7 million US dollars, imports – 172.5 million US dollars.

Wide-spread informal name of the city “Siberian Athens” appeared in the late XIX century after the opening of the first University in Siberia. Imperial Tomsk University was founded in 1878 and opened in 1888. Tomsk scientific center of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences unites 5 research institutes. Russian medical Academy of science is represented by 6 research institutes. At the beginning of the academic year 2009/2010 in Tomsk region operated 7 state operated independent higher education institutions. The contribution of scientific and educational complex in GRP exceeds 7 %. In Tomsk region the highest proportion of workers with higher and secondary education. Tomsk is on the 1st place according to the concentration of scientific employees with higher qualification.

In the structure of Tomsk region traditionally dominated mining operations (53%).  The leading industries are engineering, metalwork, wood and oil. The industrial potential of the region are more than 3600 enterprises. In the region produces 36% of Russia level of polypropylene, 25 %- methanol, 16% - polyethylene, 11, 5 % of synthetic resins and plastics. Tomsk enterprises produce 20 % of electro motors, 15 % of electric lamps, 12% of cables and 7, 5 %  of rolling bearing of all engineering of Russia.

The Tomsk region is the leader in Russia according to the level of penetration of mobile services. Tomsk is one of the five leaders of Russia in the number of Internet users per capita. In 2008 Tomsk region for the third time in a row became the winner of the Russian contest “The best region of Russian federation on development of small and medium business and creation of appropriate conditions for this.” The number of small and medium businesses more than 50 thousand units (growth in 2008 was up to 13%).

In 2005 Tomsk region has won a government tender for the right to create a special economic zone of technology – innovative type, and in 2009 –led the ranking of the regions  that are ready for innovative development.

Tomsk region carries out its international activities under the slogan “The Island of intelligence in the ocean of resources”. Having two competitive advantages: abundant natural resources and human capital, region relies on the development of a knowledge economy, the basis of which is a strong scientific and educational complex.

Among Russian regions, Tomsk Region is the leader not only in the number of small enterprises, but also in the number of employees in small business. The investment promotion of small enterprises per 1,000 population is rather high.

There are more than 30,000 individual entrepreneurs and more than 20,000 mi­cro/small enterprises. Approximately one half of the total number employees are in­volved in small and medium entrepreneurship (including individual entrepreneurs).

Besides small and medium enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, there exists a wide network of different organizations and centers: business incubators, commer­cialization agencies, Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, including regional subcontracting center, regional support center of export-oriented small and medi­um enterprises, representative office of Euro-Info Correspondence Center, entrepre­neurship development trust, municipal centers of entrepreneurship support with­in all municipal organizations, business-training and consultation centers, agencies of investment generation, leasing companies and public entrepreneur associations. Tomsk Regional Guarantee Fund was organized for small and medium business credit assistance, as well as regional venture capital fund for innovation projects.

Tomsk Regional Cluster Development Center was established in 2010.

According to the key indicators of entrepreneurship development, Tomsk Re­gion is one of the leading regions in Russia and Siberia. It was awarded eight times (2004, 2005, 2007–2012) “Best Region of RF in the Development of Small Entrepreneurship”, promoted by Federation Council, FS RF in collaboration with Tomsk CCI RF and Russian Union of Industrial & Entrepreneurs (RUIE). In 2007 Tomsk Region was honored prestigious Russian Chamber of Commerce and In­dustry award “Gold Mercurius”, nomination “Best RF Region in Favorable Entre­preneurship Development Environment”. 

Tomsk region is the 4th Russian region with the most favorable innovation development conditions (to rating of “Expert Rating Agency”/RA).

Tomsk region has a well-established innovation infrastructure for the com­mercialization of research results: from idea to innovative enterprise.

Nowadays, the innovation sector includes over 400 companies. Annual high technology product output is 40%.

The largest and dynamically developing innovation companies are: EleSy (www.elesy.ru), Siam (www.siamoil.ru), Elecard (www.elecard.com), Micran (www.micran.ru), ElcomPlus (www.elcomplus.ru), SibMASH (www.nposibmach.), Tomanalyt (www.tomanalyt.ru), and others.

The highly-developed R&D areas in Tomsk region are electronics, biotechnol­ogy, ICT, new materials and nanotechnology.


  • Micran produces 50% of Russian radio relay equipment
  • Siam is a service company for JSC Gazprom and 12 petroleum companies from Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.
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